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Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Rebate is NOT income tested

The Rebate helps families cover the out-of-pocket costs of child care and it is not income tested. Even if your family income is too high for you to receive the Child Care Benefit, you may be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. It covers up to 50 per cent of out-of-pocket costs, up to $7,500 per child, per year.


You may choose to receive the Child Care Rebate paid fortnightly, either directly to your bank account, or through your child care service provider as a fee reduction. You still have the option of having your Child Care Rebate paid quarterly or annually as a lump sum directly to your bank account.


If you currently receive Child Care Rebate and would like to receive fortnightly payments for the next financial year, you will need to make this change with the Department of Human Services.


Out-of-pocket child care costs are calculated after deducting any Child Care Benefit payments that are received.

How to be eligible to qualify for Child Care Subsidy?

  • You are either working, training, or studying commitments.
  • Your child attends an approved child care
  • You are an Australian citizen, resident or holder of a qualifying Visa
  • You must be responsible for your child care costs.
  • Your child must meet the Australian Government’s immunisation requirements


If you meet the above criteria but haven’t looked into applying for the Child Care Rebate, then please do so immediately in order to receive half the fees deducted.

How to claim the Child Care Subsidy?

  • You will need to apply for the Child Care Subsidy first. There is no separate claim form for the Child Care Subsidy. You can apply for the Child Care Subsidy in person or online. For online applications visit the Department of Human Services.
  • You will automatically be assessed and paid if you are eligible when you apply for the Child Care Subsidy (even if you are assessed at a zero rate for the Child Care Subsidy due to your family’s income).
  • If you are eligible to receive the Child Care Subsidy, it will be paid once Centrelink has received child care attendance details from your child care service/s.

Method of which Child Care Subsidy payment is made

When you apply for the 50% Child Care Rebate with the Department of Human Services, you can select your preferred payment option.

  1. To the service: this means you pay only the ‘gap fee’ when invoice is received.
  2. Payment options
    • Pay the full fee to Funtastic Gems Pty Ltd Outside School Hours Care upfront then be reimbursed on your Xplor account as a credit.


You have the option to alter your payment method online between the month of April and June for the following financial year. Visit the Department of Human Services website or contact them directly on 13 61 50.

Child Care Benefit

Child Care Subsidy is income tested

The Child Care Subsidy is income tested and is usually paid directly to an approved Child Care Services to reduce the fees that eligible families pay. You can apply for the Child Care Subsidy online or in person through Centrelink. To apply online, visit the Department of Human Services website.

Eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy

  • Your child must be attending approved child care or registered child care.
  • You must meet the residency and child’s immunisation requirements
  • You must be the person responsible for paying the child care fees

Am I eligible for Child Care Subsidy?

To be eligible for Child Care Subsidy you (as a parent or guardian) must meet these requirements:

  • You have a child in your care who meets the immunisation requirements (or have an exemption*)
  • Your child attends Child Care Subsidy approved or registered care
  • You have the liability to pay for the cost of your child care.

How much Child Care Subsidy can I receive?

The amount of Child Care Subsidy you can receive depends on:

  • Income
  • Type of care you use (approved or registered)
  • Amount of care used
  • Reasons of using care
  • Number of children you have in care.


You can estimate your Child Care Subsidy entitlements by using the Child Care Estimator on the Department of Human Services website.

What if my child is absent from Child Care?

You will get Child Care Subsidy for 42 absence days per child each financial year. These can be for any reason and will not require proof. However, to receive Child Care Subsidy for additional days (above the 42 days) you may be required to provide documentation or medical certificate to support the absence. To access your child’s absence record on your online statement along with your child care attendance, Child Care Subsidy amounts paid statement please visit the Department of Human Services website for further details.

How do I claim a lump sum payment?

If you have now identified that you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy but have not received it, you can claim by lodging a Claim for Approved Child Care Subsidy payments as an annual lump sum payment form with the Department of Human Services for the appropriate financial year. Families now have one year instead of two years to lodge lump sum claims for Child Care Benefit.


You must be assessed as eligible (even at the zero rate due to your family’s income) to get the Child Care Subsidy.

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