About Us

Our Mission

At Funtastic Gems we aim to deliver the highest quality recreational care for school children in a comfortable and stimulating manner while their parents work, study or have respite time. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service to children attending our services and all stakeholders involved. Through delivering an educational program plan that caters for children of all ages need, skills, development and interest we not only encourage and promote collaboration planning, but also communication and social interaction in children boosting their confidence, respect for others, self-esteem and personal development growth. The needs of all stakeholders are foremost fundamental in us operating a tremendous centre and by maintaining an affordable, accessible, and inclusive program we make certain their satisfaction and exceed their expectations that they are receiving only the highest services of care. Staff members at Funtastic Gems is of the highest standard, skilled, qualified in the industry to deliver children an enriching learning experiences so unique that it enriches their potential to grow. Furthermore, deliver parents, school and the community the finest care and support and continues to strive to build strong connection and ongoing partnerships that will grow further for the next coming years.


Our Goals

Children Lying with Heads Together ca. 2002

Here at Funtastic Gems we recognize the needs of parents wanting and seeking a quality centre for their children to enjoy.

Thus, for it to happen we ensure that the following goals are achieved:

  • Maintaining satisfaction, developing and delivering positive relationship and outstanding quality of services to all stakeholders that encourages involvement, decision and feedback where needed.
  • Catering a variety of stimulating and educational program and practices that enriches experiences for children learning which is appropriate to their development and leisure needs of all individuals and reflects the center’s cultural diversity. Hence, encouraging children to be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of activities in the centre.
  • Ensuring the standard of children’s health and safety.
  • Providing children with opportunities to engage in outdoor/indoor physical activities.
  • Delivering only the highest standard of educators with high level of experiences in the industry.
  • Ensuring that we meet requirement of sufficient staff to child ratio.
  • To offer relevant training and development for the staff working at our centre.
  • To ensure staff are aware of all expectations, roles, responsibilities and duties.
  • Promote good nutrition and embracing cultural diversity through the provision of nutritious, healthy and diverse menu for children.
  • To ensure the cultural diversity of our community is valued and respected all the time.